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BreatheHR – HR Cloud Software that can greatly improve your current systems

Blue Matrix have partnered with BreatheHR to bring our clients what we feel to be the best Cloud Based HR Software on the market. We offer training and ongoing support.

Many HR systems on the market are costly and require more time and work to operate than they should. BreatheHR changes all this with an amazing user interface which simplifies the work required by management, centralises all data and documentation in one place, automates reporting, manages holiday requests and plus many more functions.

How can this service benefit you?

Normally within 15 minutes of showing our clients BreatheHR they are already won over by its ease of use, functionality and simple user interface. BreatheHR utilises everything the cloud has to offer, giving you the flexibility to access your teams data from anywhere, manage holidays and absences simply, and improve performance within your company.

Centralise Information – The days of wading through spreadsheets and filing cabinets are over. BreatheHR simplifies the time-consuming HR processes that hold back growth with organised employee profiles that safely store employee information and documents, employee dashboards that keep your staff informed and make self-service easy, and a staff directory to keep everyone connected. Because BreatheHR works on any device and is a secure web-based system, it is always just a fingertips reach away.

Manage Absence – People get sick, but there are sometimes underlying issues. How do you know if there is a problem that needs to be addressed if you do not have a simple and effective way to track absence? BreatheHR helps you take control and manage sickness absence with simple and cost saving features.

Improve Performance – Giving you the tools to make performance management easy, BreatheHR simplifies the crucial aspects of people management to skyrocket performance. BreatheHR makes it effortless to analyse and boost employee performance by creating a company culture that encourages praise and feedback. BreatheHR system provides you with the ability to schedule and record one-to-one meetings, to generate objectives and deliverables, analyse employee performance metrics, and give praise.

Organise Documents – With no limit on the number of company or employee documents you can store in the system, BreatheHR quickly becomes the central hub for secure HR documentation storage. BreatheHR makes it quick and easy to organise and share documents with the whole company or privately with individual employees. BreatheHR software also tracks who has read documents, and makes sending reminder requests a one click process. Employee specific documents can also be privately stored on the system so that you can go completely digital with your HR admin knowing their information is secure.

Simplify Holiday Requests – With fast online holiday approval, employee holiday planning has never been so easy. BreatheHR online leave management feature provides companies with a central and seamless system. With employee self-service for holiday requests, quick and easy manager approval, and a central calendar record so that you always know who is supposed to be in, the struggles of absence management are a thing of the past.

Manage Expenses – BreatheHR puts you in control of employee and company expenditures. With an online approval process, it is really simple for employees to submit expense claims and for managers to approve and track claims. Once claims are approved, BreatheHR saves time by making the process of submitting the expense claims to accounts for payment a one click process.

Getting the Reports you need – Getting your data in and out of BreatheHR is easy, and generating reports instantaneously is just one of the many ways BreatheHR system helps you take control of HR admin. Helping you focus on the information you need with filters, BreatheHR simplifies reports so that you can spot important trends and take action.

Mobile – BreatheHR is intuitively designed to be responsive on all devices, but keeping your team connected when they are on the go gets even easier with the BreatheHR mobile app. Saving employees the time it takes it login from a browser on their phone or ipad, the free mobile app simplifies the most essential aspects of BreatheHR to speed things up.

Time logs – BreatheHR makes it easy to keep track of how employees utilise their time. The feature can be used to log overtime or as a project management system. Staying in control of company expenditures, BreatheHR helps companies track and link expense claims for overtime, client work, and company projects.

Full support – we provide full support in the set-up and ongoing support to your staff.

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