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New to Contracting or a Seasoned Pro – we can save you tax

Seasoned contractors will remember when they made the decision to move into contracting and how daunting it was setting up a limited company. The recurring message we hear from contractors at the end of their first year is that they wish they had made the change earlier!

Setting up a new company can be a laborious and stressful experience. Blue Matrix can help with both of these allowing you to focus on the job in hand. Blue Matrix will have your company incorporated for you, register for VAT and ensure that the company is run compliantly. The companies VAT and annual returns will be completed on time whilst we will offer you guidance in how to keep your tax liabilities to a minimum. Blue Matrix will sit down with you to discuss the best strategy for releasing the monies you earn through the company with a view of getting the best possible returns for you over the course of the year.

The vast majority of our clients achieve returns around 82% compared to other accountants who will offer you a traditional return in the low 70%’s. This is done in a fully compliant manner and in line with HMRC guidelines. Contact Blue Matrix today to find out how we can help your business. You can contact us using the form below, via email: info@bluematrix.co.uk or call us: 01483 338438.

Have your own Limited Company?

Alternatively, if you have a limited company and are in need of an accountant, we can help with your on-going accounting and look at ways of working tax efficiently. Blue Matrix will always look to increase the amount you receive from your company in the most tax efficient way possible. For a free consultation to see if we can reduce your tax liability contact Blue Matrix today to find out how we can help your business.You can contact us using the form below, via email: info@bluematrix.co.uk or call us: 01483 338438.

What some of our clients have to say…

“We decided to work with Blue Matrix after we took a Business Decision to move to a more cost effective payroll and HR System provider. From the start, the team were fully behind us and committed to making the transition work as seamlessly as possible, After a transition that was excellent, our relationship has gone from strength to strength and the willingness of Blue Matrix to help continues to impress my team and my business. I would recommend them to anybody!”

Dougie, Guava International
“I approached Blue Matrix on the formation of my company to help me navigate all my tax issues. From my very first interaction with them Blue Matrix have been efficient, professional and friendly. They are always on hand to offer advice and have been invaluable in helping me get all of my financial affairs in order.”

Robert, Phenomenal Development
“Having just started a new company, with limited time to get my accounts in good order, Blue Matrix immediately alleviated that pain and took the reins in getting everything sorted. I would certainly recommend them. Fantastic pricing and a service that is second to none!”

David, Acoustic Impressions
”We appointed Blue Matrix as our company Accountants in year 2014 for dealing with all our tax matters. We are very happy to have made that choice and have no hesitation to recommend them to any other start up companies in the area. They are very prompt in dealing with any issues and you will receive a good personalized service from them.”

Behrouz, BSS Marine Counsultancy
“As a newcomer to running a business, I only set up itsagazillion Ltd a few months ago. I am very pleased to have engaged Blue Matrix to take care of the financial side of the company and have no hesitation in recommending Blue Matrix for its adept handling of my affairs, it’s affordable accountancy services and from the invaluable and friendly business advice received from James and Sarah”

Peter, Itsagazillion
”When I came over to the UK I had no clue about the Tax system, how to raise Invoices or how contracts work. But thanks to the guys from Blue Matrix I now have a good Idea what all of the above means. In addition to handle all my tax related business they are also good consultants for anyone who is a private/independent contractor. Professional, friendly and always on time Blue Matrix provided an excellent service and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an accountant.”

Ben, Eisenhorn
“Very good company with a great personal service. Nothing is too much of a problem, even with beginners like us. Thank you James.”

Sue, SE Autoworks
“I came across Blue Matrix who recommended accounting management software which solved many of the problems we had, making our accounting costs substantially lower, being very professional and accurate in their advice and support for our everyday business needs. I have been really pleased by this company and happy to recommend them.”

Toni, European Information Service Centre

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