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Optimise the Potential of your Website

What is your website for? Maybe keeping your customers up to date or informing potential customers about your products and services?

It may be all of these things but most importantly your website should be the most valuable marketing tool you have, with the potential to bring in a constant stream of new customers to your business at very low cost. If it is not doing this currently, you need to talk to us about how to achieve it. It is not as straightforward as it may seem!

Firstly, you will need content; something that your potential customers will find useful or interesting, they may want to send a link to their friends because they think it would be helpful for them too, saving you the hard work of spreading the word.

Then you will need to make it visible. What’s the use of a flour company creating the ultimate set of baking recipes, if no-one ever finds them?

Next you will need to create a marketing objective. If your objective is to get contact details, or to make a sale, then you need to make this objective prominent on every page so that you are driving your customers towards that data capture or point of sale.

Finally, you need to optimise your site through testing. Small changes can make massive differences – with one customer, we saw a 700% increase in telephone enquiries after simply changing the position and size of their phone number. Who knows what small changes could reap huge benefits for your business without testing?

The good news is that once you achieve these 4 goals, your website will outperform any other form of marketing you have.

The even better news is that Blue Matrix can help you achieve this quickly, easily and without spending a fortune. Our experts will design, create and host your website so that it can fulfil its potential as your biggest money spinner!

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