28 May, 2021

June 2021

Our June 2021 Newsletter: Beware of mini umbrella companies, Business rates on empty properties, Problems with holiday lets, Avoid child benefit clawback, CGT on sale of homes, MTD for VAT: crunch time, How to report employee benefits, Postponed import VAT accounting.
31 March, 2021
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March 2021

Our March 2021 Newsletter: Ideal salary for 2021-22, Fourth SEISS grant, Free Covid tests for employees, Prepare for off-payroll working, SDLT surcharge for non-residents, VAT for sub-contractors in construction, VAT debt paid in instalments, Fraud in tax repayments & Postponed import VAT accounting
31 December, 2020

December 2020

Our December 2020 Newsletter: Third SEISS grant, Report and pay CGT in 30 days, Furlough extended, Christmas cheer for employees, Nudging to correct the tax return, Deferring tax due in 2021, Refunds of VAT on overseas expenses, VAT on low value imports & VAT on international services
30 September, 2020
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September 2020

Our September 2020 Newsletter: Is it a car or a van?, Redundancy pay, Corporate losses, Second SEISS grant, Tax reduction when buying homes, VAT rate cut for hospitality sector, Job retention bonus, Report your sale in 30 days & Making tax digital (MTD)
1 June, 2020
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June 2020

Our June 2020 Newsletter: Self-employed grants, VAT zero rates, Sick pay refunds, Grants from local authorities, Working at home expenses, CIS repayments, Off-payroll working deferred, VAT and bad debt relief